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31 October 2014

Choise of creepy pictures

Looking at old vintage photos out of context is not only a recipe for creepiness, it’s also one of our favorite pastimes. What passed for everyday life 60+ years ago might send you running down the block screaming today. The following photos are downright eerie, anyway you spin it. And since we cannot explain many of them… it only leaves our imaginations running wild with the unspeakable horrors they originated from.

The following photos were culled from the dark archives of the past. Once again, we have no explanation for them. They could be works of art. Maybe they’re the photographic relics of a deranged family or cult. Or perhaps they’re messages from possessed entities. We honestly can’t comprehend how these images came to be. Clearly, they’re real, but what could have compelled the photographers to take them as opposed to, say, running away? More importantly, what compelled the subjects of these images to behave in the manner in which we see them? Is it possible our history contains untold stories of occultish possession?

Behold our second installment of old, mysterious photos and try to imagine the states of mind of the people in them. Who knows, maybe you’re related.

source: The Ghost diaries.

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