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13 March 2018


Joy Goldkind currently resides in St. James, NY. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC in 1963. She has exhibited in numerous venues across the country and internationally including a solo exhibition at the Museo Nationale Della Fotographia in Italy, where a permanent collection of her work is now held. Joy’s photographs have graced the covers of international publications and magazines such as Silver Shotz and Eyemazing. Her work has also been featured in B&W Magazine, Photolife, Zoom Magazine, Color and View Camera Magazine.

Joseph McDonald

Joe is a working commercial photographer, educator and artist. He has specialized in the photography of fine art and custom printing and has held the position of Photographer for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco since 1988. He received a BA from the University of Minnesota in Literature and Music, an MA from Arizona State in Humanities and another Master of Arts from San Francisco State University in Studio Art (Photography). In addition he also teaches Digital Photography at Santa Rosa Junior College. Some of his commercial clients include Pixar Animation Studios, Chronicle Books, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Corcoran Gallery, McSweeneys, Antiques Magazine, Hewlett Packard, The Chicago Art Institute, Winterthur, and many other museums, collectors, galleries and individual artists.

Joe's personal artwork reflects interests in photography, printmaking and collage and the application of digital technology to the artistic process. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in the collections of The Stanford Art Museum, The Coos Bay Museum, Bank of America, the Ehrenfeld Collection, The MacNider Museum, The Goldyne Collection, AT&T, Pacific Telesis, and a number of other public and private collections.

22 November 2017

Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky

Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky was a Russian chemist and photographer. He is best known for his pioneering work in color photography of early 20th-century Russia.
Prokudin-Gorsky was born in the ancestral estate of Funikova Gora, in what is now Kirzhachsky District, Vladimir Oblast. His parents were of the Russian nobility, and the family had a long military history.[2] They moved to Saint Petersburg, where Prokudin-Gorsky enrolled in Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology to study chemistry under Dmitri Mendeleev. He also studied music and painting at the Imperial Academy of Arts.